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Thank you to everyone who responded to the Federal Railroad Administration's recent request for input on their Corridor Identification and Development Program for new trains. Using the online tool that the High Speed Rail Alliance provided, 245 of our supporters submitted comments before yesterday's deadline, and so did seven mayors. Additionally, a team of railroad industry

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The future of clean energy transport is a long way from being fully developed, but that doesn’t have to stop the mind from conjuring up creative ideas for what future transport vehicles could look like. 1.61 was commissioned to work alongside a leading automotive company to help visualise a photorealistic rendering of a low emission high speed train. The 3D model was lit and rendered using a custom HDRI and final colour tweaks and a motion blur were applied in post-production to create this…

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Last month the bids for high speed rolling stock for the British High Speed 2-project had to be submitted. A big order to design, build, deliver, and maintain at least 54 trains for the high-speed line north of London. It is the order in the United Kingdom for suppliers of rolling stock, the te

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