History of art

Uncover the rich and diverse history of art through centuries of creativity and expression. Discover the key movements, artists, and iconic masterpieces that have shaped the world of art.
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There are lots of resources out there for people who want to study art history on their own. However, structure and guidance are harder to come by, so here is my best advice for getting the most ou…

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Today we’re talking about the other five components of the grammar (basics) of art: Techniques / Media, Skills, Purposes of Art, Art History, and Art Appreciation. Listen on iTunes | Listen on Google Play | Listen on Stitcher Art and the Classical Model Here’s all the links to this full series on using the Classical Model of Eduction to...

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Triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights remains a mystery today. Many respected experts in late gothic iconography have tried to interpret it.