Holy Land

Embark on a journey to the Holy Land and uncover its rich history and sacred sites. Discover top destinations and experiences that will deepen your spiritual connection.
Samaria. Samaria from the Minaret of Mosque | Ca. 1915. Tours, Mount Of Olives, Garden Of Gethsemane, Monument Valley, Mount Hermon, Landmarks, Natural Landmarks, The Mountain, Historical Photos

Image Description from historic lecture booklet: "Let us take a closer view of the village along the eastern slope of the Samaritan mountain. This group of houses is the modern representative of the splendid city where stood King Ahab's ivory palace, where Elijah delivered his flaming messages, where Elisha dwelt, and where long afterward Herod the Great held his court. This was the city, too, where Philip the Evangelist, when driven out of Jerusalem by the persecuting Saul, preached the…

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