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Home Daycare

Discover Pinterest’s 10 best ideas and inspiration for Home Daycare. Get inspired and try out new things.

25+ IKEA Products for Home Based Childcare Providers

IKEA offers a variety of products perfect for a childcare provider. Below you will find 25+ recommended IKEA products for your home based childcare program.

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A Calming Space for my Little Sprouts

Name: At home daycare (2-5 years)Location: Long Beach, CA Color Inspiration: I saw a picture of a woodland themed nursery and I thought the green in it seemed so calming. I don’t like primary colors on the walls or on furniture really. Because my room was going to be used as the daycare space, I wanted the space to feel calm and inviting. I think the green against neutral furniture does that.

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Examples of Home Daycare Setup That Will Inspire You

Your home daycare setup is the key to success. Environment is a huge part of behavior with kids. Find inspiration and examples here.

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Homeschool Room Organization

One of the things on my plan for the summer was to redo our schoolroom. Princess has moved into "middle school" and wanted to have a school desk, rather than a table for her daily work. We searched quite a bit and found these adorable and customizable school desks online. The best part is that they are adjustable in height, so they work for both kiddos, and will grow with them even through their high school years. I also ordered matching chairs from the same company, but they were shipped separately and have not arrived yet. The kids LOVE their new desks, and so do I! We continue to use our workbox system, which we love. This will be our 3rd year using it, and I wouldn't change anything about the way we initially tweaked it to fit our family. The only change is that this year, Super Tot wanted to move away from his Tot Trays and start having Preschool "Sissy Boxes". Princess works her boxes in order and removes the number as she completes a box. Super Tot's boxes will be more like his Tot Trays have been in the past. I will simply be using the boxes, rather than trays. Each box will contain an activity that Super Tot can do in any order (and as many times) as he wishes. They will not be numbered, and they will be out all week, as before. The only change will be how they are presented/displayed. This is what the boxes look like for Princess. You can read more about the system here. Here are a few more photos of our new set-up. Super Tot's area showing his desk, workboxes, etc. I have had these drawers for many years, and they were purchased at The Container Store. They no longer have units with the wooden top, but these are similar. I use these to store various supplies for Super Tot's schooling. The top of the units hold coloring books and various resources I use for Super Tot's school. I have a milk crate with various activities sorted by letter that I use for his "Letter of the Week" lessons. This is the front of our school room. The crate below the calendar is for library books. They go in the tote bag when they are ready to be returned. We go to the library every Monday. The bookcase under the white board contains various Bible resources, as well as general resources such as dictionaries, our thesaurus, etc. The cubbies have white board & calendar supplies, as well as other misc. items. Another new thing I am implementing this coming year is calendar time. I am very excited for Super Tot to start each day with Bible time, followed by calendar time to discuss the days of the week, months, seasons, weather, etc. I used several ideas I found online and combined them to create our own personal calendar. I am blessed to have an incredible teacher space in our current home. All of our texts, teacher manuals, and my planning items for this year are on my built-in desk. This is also where I have my daily quiet time. Our family computer is on a small desk in the corner. I often receive e-mails inquiring about how I store my various Tot School/Preschool supplies. I have a closet in our guest room that I use for school storage. It contains two large metal shelving units. They may not appear to be very organized, but each shelf and container contains a different theme, skill or type of supply. We have various bookshelves in almost every room of our house containing our personal home library. They are not organized as well as I would like, as we have moved shelves in a hurry and just placed the books back on. Reorganizing them is still on my agenda this summer. We also have baskets full of books in several rooms. Here are a few of the shelves containing most of our school resources. Our homeschool space isn't perfect, but I feel so incredibly blessed to have the room and resources that we currently have. We expect to move into a smaller urban home in a couple years, and I know that will mean a much smaller school space. I feel confident that the organization of our current space will make that transition and downsizing easier, and I know that we will be able to make our actual work space fit into whatever home the Lord provides.

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7 Best Printable Day Care Plans

Daycare is for parents who need help from others in caring for their children. This will not make you an irresponsible parent, its just that at a certain time, there will be a condition that you cannot predict arises and your child must still be under supervision.

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Daycare Sick Policy Handouts and Posters: 25 High Definition, Different and Unique, Child Care Sick Policy Posters Void Of Branding

Daycare Sick Policy Handouts and Posters: 25 High Definition, Different and Unique, Child Care Sick Policy Posters Void Of Branding.

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Preschool - Playroom - Classroom Tour

This post is long overdue, I realize. I’ve been saying that I would post a ‘tour’ of our school for awhile now … the problem is just that I’m always adding something or changing something or SOMETHING. I think I’ve just about finished all the little finishing touches … so … if you can stand to jump back to the age of 4 with me, I’ll take you on a little ‘tour’. ;) Our preschool room uses the front ‘two’ rooms of my home. It seems the safest and least awkward place to dedicate to a smattering of pint sized lovies. I’m not a huge fan of my 8 year old carpet; however, please feel free to praise me lavishly for being on year 5 of preschool with the same original carpet. Maybe next summer will be the summer we finally get around to putting in wood floors … maybe. See? There’s my front door, in all it’s glory. Yes, this means that this preschool room is the very first thing that people see when they walk into my home …. …. which is probably why I’ve been so obsessive with its evolution. You can read the tutorial for those adorable 'Knock Off Pottery Barn Kid’s tables' here. The little yellow stools are from IKEA. This poor bargain rug from IKEA is on its second year of torture and abuse from all these little ninjas and warriors. It gets trampled, rolled, folded, and chewed on daily. I seriously think it was $15 at IKEA … so … it’s been well worth the price. IDK, maybe it was $20. Our class calendar is a new addition this year … holy cow … I love it! Superman framed a piece of sheet metal with some cheap baseboard, then spray painted the whole thing white … and KABOOM! A magnetic calendar was born! I bought the calendar itself at Mardel’s, then I laminated all of the components and hot glued a ceramic magnet on the back, like this: There’s plenty of room at the top of the frame for any extra monthly magnets, so that I can keep them handy. I store the rest of my calendar supplies in a pencil box in the cabinet. My most favorite things in our classroom are the fun gifts that kids have given to me over the years, for our classroom. * HINT: If you’re ever uncertain on the perfect teacher gift … just give her (him) something to display in the classroom. They are my favorite gifts! This sweet subway art sign was gifted to us from a little boy last year … and I could not agree more with its sweet message. I love every single one of those little squirts. The very first year that I taught preschool, sweet Emilee’s Momma gave me that ‘World’s Best Teacher’ sign. Made me feel like a million bucks. And the following year, Little Corbin’s Mom gave me the subway art that hangs below it. I love them both so much. I truly LOVE my job. It seems that every corner of this classroom is filled with sweet memories of years passed. I feel so blessed every single day. After a couple years of teacher preschool by myself, I was able to hire a teacher to come teach with me everyday. Ms. Andrea has been a major blessing in my life. This summer, she found this ‘You Get What You Get And You Don’t Throw A Fit’ sign and brought it by for the classroom. We must say that phrase at least a half dozen times every day. ‘If it worked for me, it’ll work for them’ … every morning, we place our hands on our hearts and pledge our allegiance to that flag. It’s a simpey $1 American Flag that comes on a wood dowel … you know … the one you wave at the local parade every year? Yep. That el-cheapo one. Superman framed it out with some baseboard and we slapped a piece of glass in it. You can hardly tell that it cost all of $4, total. ;) And … because I work with a slew of little circus animals each day, we needed some sort of behavior ‘chart’ to help them to be aware of their behavior at all times. Behold: our behavior ‘chart’ … It’s just a piece of sheet metal, covered in vinyl, and framed with baseboard. Superman is a genius … have I said that before? Each kiddo has their own magnet … the goal is to stay on green, obviously … but every now and then someone needs a visual reminder to bring their listening ears to class. ;) Another new(er) addition is our decorative alphabet and hanging pompoms. A friend of mine does vinyl lettering and made the vinyl alphabet for me … I made the pompoms, with the help of a Pinterest tutorial. Holy cow, they’re soooo easy. I actually made the pompoms over Spring Break and surprised the little lovies when they came back from the break. Needless to say, they LOVED them! I just raided Superman’s fishing tackle for some fishing line and strung them up using eyelet screws in the ceiling. I know, I even surprised myself with that crafty plan. And, while my main goal is to make this room feel like home … even if it’s my ‘office’ … I also strive to be very functional. Every inch of that entertainment center is filled with preschool necessities. After 4+ years, you figure out a few tricks … Sorry … that picture looks a little blurry … even more sorry … I’m too lazy to take another one. ;) I’m a major fan of these $.99 plastic shoe boxes. I must own 100 of them. Not joking. These pencil boxes are also the perfect size for a lot of supplies … and … about 2 weeks after school starts, those babies go on sale for $.10/each. KABAM! Supplies that no preschool teacher should ever be without or run out of … cannot tell you how many times I have reached for cotton balls for a certain craft and come up empty. It’s the WORST!!! You can’t make rain clouds without cotton balls, people! I’m telling you … every. single. inch. of these cabinets is filled with preschool nonsense. I know you’ve seen these rain gutter bookshelves a hundred times on here … but now you can see them in ‘context’. ;) And, typically, all of those books are upside down, backwards, sideways, disheveled, and totally unkempt … but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Books are a ginormous part of our lives between the hours of 9am and 12pm, Monday – Friday. No classroom could be complete without a short people mirror, framed out with … you guessed it … baseboard. ;) Ms. Andrea and I love watching the vain little circus animals amuse themselves with their silly faces. (ps- I totally left those finger prints on the mirror for you on purpose … wanted to give you the full effect ;) And …. at the end of the day … it’s still my two favorite kiddos' playroom. Our favorite time is when we can let the swings down and play to our heart’s content … after school hours. If you’re interested in hanging some swings in your home … you can read that tutorial here.

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