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Create the perfect workout space in your unfinished basement with these top ideas for a home gym. Get motivated and start your fitness journey today!
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Well okay, the title is a little strong ... our new home gym is anything from a "masterpiece", but we worked really hard on it, and I thought I'd share a few photos. Yeah, it's basically just the unfinished half of our basement, but we had about 10 years worth of clutter that we eliminated, and it opened up a lot of space for our peripheral workouts. There are few more things I'll do later like build some stackable boxes for stepping and jumping, and probably update the weights and bench…

Andrew Jandik
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Like many others, once the pandemic hit and all of the gyms closed we were searching for options to keep up our healthy lifestyle. At first, we ran around the block a few times like many others. We noticed we had a kettlebell and a few light dumbbells which also helped for a little while. …but then the pandemic didn’t end. The runs around the block were getting old and I was getting tired of doing bicep curls with the 5 pound pink weights. So we had to do something. At this same time…

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Learn how to paint an unfinished basement. Paint is the perfect way to make your exposed basement ceiling and rafters look good on a budget.

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