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Create the perfect pottery studio in your home with these inspiring ideas. Discover how to design a functional and creative workspace that will inspire your artistic pursuits.
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A glimpse inside my pottery home studio Since a couple of months I am working in my new pottery home studio. My girlfriend and me moved from Amsterdam to Geldrop, Brabant. The main reason for this move was that I missed my family a lot and wanted to be closer to them. Another reason was that I was working in a really small studio in Amsterdam. It was a little shed in our back yard, 2 by 3 meters, too small to grow my business in. I had reached a plateau and knew that I needed a bigger space…

Megan Weber
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I've been doing this pottery thing for a good 2 years now and over that time I've collected some things that I can't live without in the studio. I hope you enjoy this blogpost, if you have any question: let me know! 1. Plaster boards I use my plaster boards every day. Mostly to wedge my clay, but also use them to recycle clay or to dry out pieces that I’ve thrown on the wheel but flopped. I have a few different kinds of plaster boards. One big one (45 by 45 cm), which I use mostly to wedge…

Jan Curran
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Published by Scott Pierce @cynicalceramics @theclaywarehousebc Every potter needs a surface to wedge clay on, and there are many different types. The most common are plaster, plaster covered in canvas, and plywood covered in canvas. Other possibilities are concrete, granite, Masonite, concrete board and Hardibacker boa

Karen Rowe