Home water birth set up

Prepare for a peaceful and empowering home water birth experience with our top ideas for setting up a serene and comfortable environment. Find everything you need to make your birth space perfect.
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When I was pregnant with my second, I knew I wanted a home water birth, right from the start. With my first, I stood in a single person shower, with the hot water spilling over my contracting tummy and lower back, and ladies? It felt heavenly. I mean, the sense of relief and the ability […]

Lordy Belance
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The moment I met these two moms I instantly fell in love. Their home, their yard, their story, their overflowing love for each other. Soft spoken, gentle and kind. I wrote a little about that first meeting HERE. That is where you will also find their maternity photos. When I arrived for the birth, I walked into their home and it was empty. I looked around to find everyone was in […]

Shannon Schermerhorn
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I am a mother of 2, and had an at home water birth with both of my children. I LOVED giving birth in water. It was as relaxing as a birth can possibly be. As I plan ahead for my 3rd water birth, I thought it would be a great time to share with you my home water birth "must-haves."