Homemade bitters recipe

Elevate your mixology skills with this flavorful homemade bitters recipe. Impress your guests with unique and aromatic cocktails or mocktails using your own handmade bitters.
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You can use vodka or whiskey, if you prefer, in lieu of the rum. Note that the higher the proof (ABV), the better the extraction of flavors, so feel free to use any of those spirits with a higher alcohol level. I made the gentian root optional but it adds a husky bitterness that I find really makes the bitters, better. You can find it at herbalists, natural foods stores, or online at Penn Herb, Mountain Rose Herbs, and Etsy. You can also play around with the spices. A bit of cinnamon, a…

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If you’ve bellied up to a craft cocktail bar lately, you’ve likely noticed little bottles of concentrated spirit-and-botanical infusions adorning the bar top. These are homemade bitters, and they’re not so hard to make. These bitters are often the handiwork of the team behind the bar — and they run the gamut from the very versatile for a broad array of drink recipes, to very specific and esoteric flavors suited to just one or two drinks.

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