Homemade deer feeders

Attract and feed deer in your backyard with these creative homemade deer feeders. Discover top ideas to create a wildlife-friendly environment and enjoy observing these majestic creatures up close.
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I live in the Texas Hill Country, where I have lots of deer running around all day and night, so when I found this awesome 5-gallon bucket deer feeder by Cooters Garage, on YouTube, I had to try this easy idea. I have to admit, whether you make the deer feeder or not, you have

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It’s very important in fact vital for all of us to realize the importance of wildlife and to do something or the other for them. Try to develop a habit of helping the wildlife in ways that are possible for you. Here we have the Best Ideas For Homemade Deer Feeders | Easy To Make that you can easily try without hassle and burden. You can use recycled materials for these projects so that it doesn’t cost you a lot in serving the deer and other animals with food. Besides helping the wild…