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Discover the power and beauty of the legendary Honda CBX motorcycle. Get inspired by top CBX models and find your perfect ride today.
'80s Glory: Honda CBX750 "Flávia" by Unik Edition Triumph Motorcycles, Custom Motorcycles, Custom Bikes, Cars And Motorcycles, Custom Choppers, West Coast Choppers, Road Glide, Road King, Ducati

An '80s sport bike, well upgraded...Introduced in 1984, the Honda CBX750 -- aka the RC17 -- was developed from the CB750 and sold mainly in Europe and Australia. The bike's DOHC 16-valve engine produced 90+ horsepower, making the bike a shade faster than the more exotic V4 VF750F, and Honda race

Super Six: A Honda CBX 1000 from France | Bike EXIF Custom Motorcycles, Cars And Motorcycles, Wheel Art Projects, Keyless Ignition, Honda Cbx, Bicycle Painting, Black Leather Seating, Bike Exif

Despite the fact that motorcycles seem to keep getting bigger, the six-cylinder engine layout has never really caught on. Only a handful of bikes have employed it, and these days it's reserved for mammoth tourers. That gives the Honda CBX 1000 a touch of the mythical. Even though it was eventually outsold by the CB900F, the CBX 1000 was Honda's flagship sportbike at the time. These days, it's fast approaching cult status—which is why Dimitri at Lys Motorcycles picked one to customize. Based…

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