How to deep clean washing machine top loader

Discover how to effectively deep clean your top loader washing machine with these simple steps. Keep your machine running smoothly and ensure your clothes are always fresh and clean.
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If you are anything like me you are still learning how to be an adult. At 30 years old I still don’t know everything that I probably should. I certainly know a lot (I can fix cars, motorcycles, I have built a house from the ground up, I was a cable television and internet installer, and dozens of other things) but not everything. As the saying goes, I am a jack of all trades but master of none. One thing that I never even considered was our washing machine. We were given a washer and dryer…

Wendye Justice
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In recent years, front-loading washing machines gained popularity as the first high efficiency (HE) machines touting increased energy savings due to their need for less detergent and water than standard top loaders. Their downside is the large rubber seal around the door that has the tendency to harbor mold, bacteria a

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Learn how to clean a front load washer and prevent mold and mildew from building up with monthly maintenance. Keep your front load washing machine fresh and clean with our tips!

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