Important documents binder

Keep your important documents safe and easily accessible with a dedicated binder. Find top ideas and tips to create an organized and efficient system for storing your important paperwork.
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Often when I first meet with clients who are struggling with their handling of paper, their biggest challenge is getting their hands on information when they need it quickly. Imagine if you had one place to go to find your insurance policy number or find your bank account and routing number fast. How about what […]

Erica Lapera
Doing this.  A week-by-week approach to preparing a disaster kit for your home.  Even includes your pets in the plan Emergency Preparedness, Doomsday Prepping, Getting Organised, Organisation, Emergency Binder, Emergency Prepardness, In Case Of Emergency, Things To Know, Getting Organized

At this very moment do you know where all your important papers are :birth certificate, social security cards, home deed or mortgage, medical records, car titles, loan paperwork, list of utilities you pay monthly, credit card contact information ? Now ask yourself, could you find all of them within 5…

Rita Christensen