Individualized education plan

Learn how to create a personalized education plan for your child that meets their unique needs. Discover strategies and resources to ensure their academic success and growth.
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Who won't love to see their little kids excelling in academics? Shining in academics is not often effortless for all the students. Some may need specialized focus to match their peers. To assure the same, parents may make a written goal that they want their children to reach by

Logyn Neal Blume
Schoolhouse Divas: The Do's and Don'ts of IEP Meetings (for Teachers) Organisation, Pre K, Motivation, Adhd, School Counsellor, School Social Work, Special Education Teacher, School Counselor, Student Teaching

When I was a teacher, an IEP meeting meant one thing: No conference period. For me, it was just one thing added to my never-ending list of to-do's. I didn't plan for them. In fact, sometimes I forgot about them. There was no class or manual that taught what was to be expected of me. And to be honest, anyone who knew me during my teacher years knows I've broken every rule in the book. Let's just say, I'm glad there are no video tapes in IEP meetings! So, if this is you, just know that you are…

Neva Byrd