Inside job

Explore the fascinating world of inside jobs and learn how they occur. Discover real-life examples and gain insights into the motives and methods behind these secretive acts.
INSIDE JOB, Reagan Ridley (voice: Lizzy Caplan), (Season 1, ep. 101, aired Oct. 22, 2021). photo: ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection. Inside Job Character Design, Inside Job Characters, Inside Job Aesthetic, Reagan Inside Job Icon, Inside Job Regan, Inside Job Wallpaper, Reagan Ridley, Job 33, Series Netflix

Remember a decade ago when Netflix was the streaming app to watch everything on (and even at one point the only one to get Friends?!) Well, times have certainly changed, because instead of being one of the favorite streaming services, it’s gotten a bit of a reputation over the years. For what, you may ask? Chances are you already know what we mean; Netflix is now known for canceling their original series in two seasons or less. First, it was Sense8, then it was the Baby-Sitters Club, and now…

Malu Morzoletto