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Enhance learning in middle school with interactive notebooks. Discover creative ideas to make learning fun and interactive for your students.
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Do you use Interactive Notebooks in your classroom? I used them for the first time this past year. I really liked using them but found it overwhelming to get started at first so I rounded up some posts that helped me when I first got started using them. How to answer the critics of notebooking Why Should I Use Interactive Notebooks in My Classroom? Get started with Interactive Notebooks Resources to Get Started with Interactive Notebooks Left Side Versus Right Side for INBs What do you do…

Grace Johnson
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Interactive notebooks have been one of the biggest trends in education over the last few years, but are something I’ve never been able to buy into. I've

Stephanie Austin
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I was asked to present Interactive Student Notebooks at our Gulf Regional Innovative Teaching Conference. I have used them in my classroom for 4 years and was super happy to share all of the things I have stolen from other teachers! I only had 50 minutes to talk about something I could talk for days about! What better way to teach teachers about interactive notebooks than to have them create their own! This is also my love letter to Math Equals Love for putting her amazing ideas out into the…

Cassandra White
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Are you new to using Interactive Notebooks? After 6 years of trial and error, I made a list of 12 things I wish I had known that very first year. Set up 4 pages for the Table of Contents. Instead of drawing sloppy lines on the page, I just use the red lines already provided in the ... Read more

The Science Penguin