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Unlock the secrets of the INTJ INFJ relationship. Discover insights and tips to build a strong and harmonious connection with your INFJ partner.
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partner walking out on them mid-argument—they will feel betrayed. Instead, you have to agree in advance to use this process the next time you fight, and then someone has to invoke it when the time comes. Emphasize that you’re excusing yourself so you can have a chance to think and that you want to cool down and approach the issue from a better place. As a whole, an INFJ/INTJ relationship is extremely fulfilling, and it tends to be a smooth one. Are you an INFJ or INTJ who has dated the other…

Dr. Elfrieda Krause
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Wondering which of the 16 types is the most compatible with the INFJ? Want to know who is INFJ really attracted to? An INFJ relationship with each personality is a unique one. INFJ relationships can be incredibly romantic or simply platonic. As friends or lovers, INFJs love others. They are idealists who appreciate introverts, extraverts, intuitives, sensors, feelers, thinkers, perceivers, & judgers! In Myers-Briggs, an INFJ is considered the rarest personality type. Read about…

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