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085/ What I'm Wearing: February 2024 - by Irene Kim (김애린) Fashion, Mini Skirts, Casual, Outfits, Womens Fashion, Style, Moda, T Line, How To Wear

It’s been a month of low-key outfits, which may have been punctuated by a few high-key outfits had I made it to NYFW, as originally planned. Long story short, I misplaced my temporary front tooth on the Thursday evening before I was supposed to leave. Despite frantically flipping the house inside-out, I couldn’t find it, and by Friday morning I decided to get another one made. By the time my new denture was ready (Tuesday), fashion week was basically over. C’est la vie!

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What I’m Wearing is a series where I share all of the outfits I’ve worn over a given week (or two), along with styling notes, links and related thoughts. If you see an outfit you like on my Instagram, you’ll find it here. Hello readers! A (relatively) short and sweet newsletter today, under the allowed email length limit, something I’m not usually capable of!

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