Ironing machine

Discover the latest ironing machine that will make your clothes wrinkle-free in no time. Upgrade your ironing experience and achieve perfectly pressed garments effortlessly.
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This is a handheld ironing device that uses UVC DUV LED sterilization technology. Handheld irons often have the problem of bacteria breeding in the water tank. The Snail iron solves this problem because the heating device is so close to the water tank. Its one-button design lets you switch between the dry/wet ironing modes and the steam mode. Different colors on the indicator represent different settings. The device is small and portable, perfect for young people interested in stylish and…

Sunny Side Up: Downstairs Laundry Room (built-in ironing board) Interior, Room Closet, Small Laundry Room, Small Laundry, Room Storage Diy, Laundry Room Inspiration, Laundry Room Decor, Laundry Closet, Laundry Room Storage

Sharing our downstairs laundry room today! This room looks similar to other rooms I’ve shared. It’s located right off of our mudroom and near the kitchen so I kept it cohesive with simple whites and grays (believe it or not I actually DO have rooms that look a little different – they are just few...

Erin @ Sunny Side Up