Italian party

Host an unforgettable Italian party with these delicious food ideas. From authentic pasta dishes to mouthwatering desserts, impress your guests with the flavors of Italy.
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Every year I get to have a joint birthday extravaganza with my little brother and my mother-in-law, as we all share the same birthday weekend. And because we love any excuse to throw a party, my mom and sister went all out with an Italian theme this year. ^^ My sister and I have become slightly obsessed with old records. I love finding songs that never made it to iTunes, and the occasional crack in the sound is so neat. ^^ ^^ Munchkin already recognizes David and can point him out (the large…

Priya Mistry
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Pasta Bar Party: pasta bar ideas for different pastas, sauces, and toppings to let your guests make-their-own, perfect for a party! Last week my oldest daughter had a birthday, and we’re planning a party with friends in a couple of weeks. But we couldn’t let the special day go by without marking the occasion, so...