Japanese flowers meanings

Explore the rich cultural significance of Japanese flowers and their symbolic meanings. Find out how these flowers can add depth and beauty to your home or garden.
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Everyone flocks to Japan for cherry blossom season, but do you really know how to hanami? Here's some tips and tricks to sakura season in Japan and how to have an epic hanami like a local! Read on to find out more.

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Many beautiful flowers have a special significance in Japanese culture! Learn popular Japanese flower words with this post. Visit Team Japanese to learn more about the culture and meaning behind these Japanese flower names :) Japanese Flower Names, Japanese Flower Meanings, Japanese Flowers Meanings, Japanese Flower Name, Japanese Flowers And Meanings, Japanese Names Meaning, Japanese Words And Meanings, Japanese Meaning, Japanese Beautiful Words With Meaning

There’s no doubt that the word ‘Japan’ conjures up the image of cherry blossoms or sakura. 🌸 Each spring, people flock to hanami or cherry blossom viewing spots to witness the blooming curtains of pink

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What Is Irezumi? — The Meaning Behind Japanese Tattoos Irezumi Tattoos, Art, Japanese Tattoos, Japanese Prints, Japanese Artwork, Japanese Flowers, Japanese Traditional, Japanese, Japanese Patterns

Although everyone seems to know of them, not much is known about the Yakuza's greatest connection, Tattoos. Nowadays, the general public has become more accepting of tattoos, in general. Gone are the days when tattooed people were shunned by society, but apparently, Japan hasn’t gotten the memo yet. What is Irezumi you ask? The common term for Japanese tattoo art is irezumi (入れ墨), meaning to insert ink. This refers to the Japanese tattooing tradition of inserting ink beneath the skin to form…

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