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Explore the incredible career and life of Jeff Bridges, a legendary actor known for his iconic roles. Discover his diverse filmography and the impact he has made on the entertainment industry.
Jeff Bridges Against All Odds | my new plaid pants: Good Morning, World John Mayer, Hugh Jackman, Jeff Bridges Young, Jeff Bridges, Matthew Mcconaughey, Ben Hardy, Billy Crudup, Billy Zane, Clint Walker

. A post on Jeff Bridges most perfect moment -- bearded and bronzed in 1984's Against All Odds -- is as overdue here at the blog as is overdue me getting around to actually ever seeing Against All Odds, which I have not. But it's Jeff's 66th birthday today, so we figured we'd skipped that step for the benefit of youse guys and go straight to, you know, the meat of the matter. But seriously, somehow they also wrangle him into a football uniform in this? So porny. Hit the jump for a whole…

Kathy Fulkerson