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Always quite loved this Jhin's skin ! So painting a splash for this version was an honor but also quite the challenge, I hope i paid tribute to the OG well enough! Thanks Riot and West Studio as always for the trust :) In Collaboration with West Studio Client: Riot Games Riot games AD: Rudy Siswanto West Studio AD: Mingchen Shen Final Polish: League Splash Team

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New illustration for Runeterra! Join our Discord community: https://discord.gg/NRVbv4QmM9 Thank you Crystal for art direction and feedback! Art directors https://www.artstation.com/claudiuantoniu https://www.artstation.com/willgist Illustrators https://www.artstation.com/felipemartini https://www.artstation.com/leonardo_sala https://www.artstation.com/junsartwork https://www.artstation.com/emanueldias https://www.artstation.com/jazeetc https://www.artstation.com/victorferraz…