Jim sturgess

Discover the remarkable career of Jim Sturgess, from his breakout role to his diverse filmography. Dive into the world of this talented actor and be inspired by his captivating performances.
Jim Sturgess - the look I love! That hair and beardless. :)) Portrait, People, British, Actors & Actresses, Portraits, Chris Evans, Jim Sturgess, Colin O'donoghue, Handsome Actors

Brit actor Jim Sturgess in a classic Godfather type pose during filming of One Day in Edinburgh, he is co starring with Anne Hathaway. Now I cant think who he looks like, is it a young Robert De something. If you or Anne are interested in a proper shoot give me a shout, I could almost make you look as handsome as me HAHA. View on Black Here I think The Outhouse's photos on Flickriver