John the evangelist

Explore the life and teachings of John the Evangelist, one of the key figures in the New Testament. Discover his role in spreading the message of Christianity and his significant contributions to the early Christian community.
Saint of the Day – 27 December – St John the Apostle and Evangelist.The days following Christmas are full of symbolic meaning, as on 26 December we honour the first Martyr, St Stephen, who shed his blood for Jesus. 27 December, honours St John the Evangelist, the Disciple of Jesus who wrote the Gospel of John and the book of Revelation. Interestingly enough, he is the only Gospel writer to omit a narrative of Jesus’ birth. Based on this fact alone, it seems strange to include him during the Oc St John The Apostle, Burn Victims, San Juan Evangelista, John The Apostle, Forever And Ever Amen, Bible Artwork, Santi Cattolici, St John The Evangelist, Apostle John

Saint of the Day – 27 December – St John the Apostle and Evangelist. Patronages – • against burns; burn victims• against epilepsy• against foot problems• against hailstorms• against po…

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Cano, Alonso (1601-1667) - 1636 St. John the Evangelist with the Poisoned Cup (Louvre, Paris) Art, St John The Evangelist, John The Evangelist, St John

Alonzo Cano or Alonso Cano was a Spanish painter, architect and sculptor born in Granada. He learned architecture from his father, Miguel Cano, painting from Francisco Pacheco the master of Velázquez, and sculpture from Juan Martínez Montañés. As a sculptor, his most famous works are the Madonna and Child in the church of Lebrija (also called Nebrija), and the colossal figures of San Pedro and San Pablo. Philip IV made him royal architect and kings painter, and gave him the church preferment…

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