Kanlı Makyaj

Kanlı makyaj ile korkunç bir görünüm elde etmek için en iyi fikirleri keşfedin. Kan efekti, yara izleri ve daha fazlasıyla kendi kanlı makyajınızı yapın ve bu özel etkinlikte dikkatleri üzerinize çekin.
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Music Nail Decals! Looks great on toe nails too! Top quality water transfer nail decals used by people and salons all over the world! Easy to apply! My decals can be used on any type of nail...natural, gel, acrylic, etc. Apply the decal yourself or bring them to your nail technician to apply for you. Each set includes 30 decals in 3 different sizes to fit different length nails. The sizes range from approximately 0.30 inches to 0.45 inches. If there are any white parts on the decals, they…


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