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Explore the journey of Katie Holmes, from her breakout role on Dawson's Creek to becoming a successful Hollywood star. Discover her iconic performances and latest projects.
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Katie Holmes first made her mark in Hollywood in 1998 as Joey Porter on the teen drama "Dawson's Creek." In 2005, she began dating superstar Tom Cruise, whom she later married and divorced, Holmes went on to star in a string of films and television shows, though she may be most widely known for her style evolution from teenage girl-next-door to Hollywood fashion powerhouse. Here are some photo's of Holmes' style over the years.

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New York body acceptance advocate, founder of Megababe, and author of 'Body Talk' Katie Sturino continues to wow the internet with her spot-on recreations of celebrity outfits. Katie believes that all bodies are beautiful and that you don’t need to be stick-thin or adhere to runway model standards to look gorgeous in an outfit. Check out some of Katie’s best new looks below and remember to upvote the ones that inspired you the most.