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Transform your child's bedroom with these fun and easy DIY bed tent ideas. Create a cozy and imaginative space for your little ones to enjoy bedtime adventures.
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Pictures of the Top Bunk Bed Tent and Paltry Instructions

I'm sorry this is less of a how-to build a top bunk bed tent because I didn't build it, Mike did. I constructed the bottom bunk bed tent ("How to Make a Bottom Bunkbed Tent"). I've been bugging him to do a post about how he built this thing, but he's been busy saving the world and rubbing my feet. So here's what I've got; mostly just some pictures that will hopefully help you if you're interested in building your own top bunk bed tent. There are five cross-bars that attach to the middle bar…

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Parents Are Using This Random Bed Tent to Fix Their Kids' Sleep Regression — POPSUGAR

A post shared by Privacy Pop (@privacypop) on Jan 29, 2018 at 9:30am PST When it comes to getting kids to sleep through the night, parents will try almost anything. Enter: Privacy Pop. The "bed tent" — originally marketed to college dormmates looking to get some extra zzz's amid conflicting sche ...

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Make a DIY No-Sew Kids' Play Canopy Tent… in an hour! | Making Lemonade Diy Kids Teepee, Diy Kids Tent, Two Shower Curtains, Play Canopy, Kids Teepee Tent, Kids Canopy, Kids Tents, Teepee Kids, Teepee Tent

Make a DIY No-Sew Kids' Play Canopy Tent... in an hour! - Making Lemonade

“Give me two shower curtains, a hula hoop, and a drill!” I yelled, channeling my inner MacGyver. But under an hour later, we had a DIY Kids’ Canopy Play Tent and my kids went bananas! This isn’t some crazy feat of mad DIY skillz, the truth is I’ll do anything to avoid sewing or spending...

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The Easiest {And Cheapest!} Little DIY Play Teepee | A Joyful Riot

Kid's play teepees. They are so cute and somehow so necessary even though they're not at all necessary, am I right? I've seen a ton of cute ones all over; mainly in amazing children's room photos on Instagram or Pinterest. And you can certainly buy them at Target or Land of Nod (and they're amazing

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