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The last two days I have been making matchboxes and miniature sculptures, often getting lost in them and the tiny worlds they inhabit, as I try and fail to share how to make them. At last, I managed to put together the very basic starter design before getting carried away. This is great fun, you just need a matchbox (or some card to make one) card, a split pin, wire( a paperclip) or thread.

Camila Sampaio

A host of wild creatures inhabit the whimsical world of artist Penny Thomson (previously), who creates intricate, kinetic sculptures that fit in the palm of your hand. Joined in her Derbyshire studio by her daughter Briony, she works primarily with papier-mâché, which she began experimenting with when her children were still young. “Using pulp, laminated and household waste paper, and cardboard, I made a seven-foot giraffe and conducted a workshop in my son’s school, which involved all the…

Jenny Ambroise
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Folk art whirligigs fashioned from scraps of wood and metal have been popular for hundreds of years. In fact, George Washington bought some for his grandchildren during his trip back to Mt. Vernon after winning the Revolutionary War. You, too, can build this marching, spinning red-white-and-blue whirligig.

Juliana Maldonado