Kitchens without upper cabinets

Discover innovative design ideas for kitchens without upper cabinets. Create a spacious and modern kitchen layout that maximizes storage and enhances the overall aesthetic.
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Do you snip and pin photos of favorite kitchens for future (ah, someday!) inspiration? I do too, and I realized that many of the kitchens I loved had one thing in common: No upper cabinets. It might seem crazy to forego the storage that upper cabinets offer, but there are some significant advantages in return. See ten inspiring kitchens here that ditched the uppers, and read more on why it’s sometimes a good idea.

Johnna Hayes
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Wall cabinets are unquestionably useful storage, but with drawbacks. A major disadvantage is that wall cabinets make a kitchen seem smaller by closing in the space at eye level – which is where we subconsciously judge how large the space around us is. The typical rank of identical wall cabinets marching with military alignment along the wall of a kitchen creates what is in effect walls within the walls of the kitchen, closing the space in. Small kitchens, in particular, can greatly benefit…

Ashley Hildebrandt