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Ratatosk: New Squirrel-Folk Variants (Part Two) - Kobold Press Woodland Creatures, Fantasy Creatures, Dnd Characters, Fantasy Characters, Kobold Press, Squirrel Art, Norse Pagan, Fairy Artwork, Dungeons And Dragons Homebrew

Some ratatosk use their knowledge of the planes to gain martial or magical abilities, either by exploring their own inner power or else by forging a pact with the spiritual might of the World Tree Way of the Clawed Acorn Utilizing secret techniques stolen from the Eastern Lands of Midgard, some ratatosk learn to harness […]

Howard Bein
Rpg Character, Character Portraits, Fantasy Character Design, Character Concept, Character Inspiration, Fantasy City Map, Fantasy Races, Fantasy Rpg, Dark Fantasy Art

Hi there! it's been a long time since I last posted something, but the last weeks I had a ton of work (and still I have it xD). I hope I can show all that work soon. For now, I want to share with you one of the characters I made for Tome of Beasts 2, from Kobold Press, my first job with them and something that I really enjoyed doing =D. I hope you like it!

Diego Marassa
Rogue’s Gallery: Victrolis Hapenny - Kobold Press Kobold Press, First Target, Ancient Forest, Minstrel, Mockery, His Travel, Exquisite Detail, Elven, Character Portraits

Tower of Riches and Grief. When Victrolis visited her father for the last time, passing through his hometown on her own travels, a minstrel in her own right, he told her about his brother. He talked for hours, delivering a tale he swore was true. He told Victrolis of the adventures he and his brother […]

Howard Bein
Dungeons of Midgard: Excavation of the River Dragon | Kobold Press Rpg Pathfinder, Pathfinder Character, Rpg Character, Character Portraits, Heroic Fantasy, Fantasy Warrior, Fantasy Rpg, Medieval Fantasy, Hobgoblin

Adventure for Level 6 characters. In the underground depths—roughly below the region around Smoltenberg—deeper even than the mines dug out by dwarves, there is abandoned trading outpost beside an underground river, a far-reaching tributary of the Blackjet River. Once, not so long ago, this place served as the home for a prosperous community of dark […]

Caio Santana
Articles | Kobold Press Archetypes Art, Brand Archetypes, Kobold Press, Fiction Idea, D D Characters, Flesh And Blood, Prosthetics, Character Art, Character Ideas

The Clanking Legion is a legendary mercenary company, composed of roughly half gearforged and half beings of flesh and blood. CLANKING MERCENARY (FIGHTER) Fighters who emulate the Clanking Mercenary archetype see the flexibility of flesh in steel and the strength of metal in their own bodies and minds. CLANKER’S CRAFT Beginning when you choose this […]

Russell Reitsema
Tome of Beasts: Fext | Kobold Press Pathfinder Character, Rpg Character, Character Portraits, Character Ideas, Creature Picture, Creature Art, Kobold Press, The Warlocks, D D Monsters

Taut dead skin, adorned entirely with tattooed fish scales, covers this woman’s face and hands. She wears scaled armor, sea green like verdigris on copper and wields a strange sword. Her pale eyes stare, unblinking. Undead Warlock Slaves. Ancient and powerful beings across the multiverse grant magical knowledge to mortals through dangerous pacts. Those bound […]

Hugo Vilhelms Schulz