Lady bugs

Learn how to attract lady bugs to your garden and keep them there to naturally control pests. Discover tips and tricks to create a healthy and thriving garden ecosystem.

First of all, happy fall! This is my favorite season here in Los Angeles. I'm excited to announce the end of my first science illustration internship. Wow! I've learned a lot in the past few months... and I'm happy to post my final project. Working with Lila Higgins of the Community Science program at the Natural History Museum, I learned a ton about ladybugs, pill bugs, and spiders. It was the summer of invertebrates! These illustrations help identify the local ladybug species. Check out…

Christine Bichler
Many people wonder what it signifies when a ladybug lands on them, and the answer is that there are a variety of meanings and ladybug symbolisms. Let’s take a look at the various ways a ladybug’s presence can be interpreted. Tattoos, Ink, Architecture, Ideas, Astrology, Ladybug Meaning, Spiritual Meaning, Bird Meaning, Spirit Animal

Ladybug spiritual meaning. Who would have thought that this small insect could hold so much spiritual value? You’ve noticed ladybugs around and want to learn more about them? Simply looking at a ladybug brings a grin to your face and awakens the child within you. Have you ever considered whether or not seeing these gorgeous...

Heather Pankow