Land of ooo

Embark on an adventure through the magical Land of Ooo. Discover the fascinating characters, thrilling quests, and whimsical landscapes that await you in this enchanting world.
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The Land of Ooo is the main setting of Adventure Time. It is the home of Finn, Jake, and all their friends and foes. It is divided into many different kingdoms, of which the most prominent are the Ice Kingdom, Candy Kingdom, Castle Lemongrab, Wildberry Kingdom, Lumpy Space, Fire Kingdom, and the Cloud Kingdom. There are also many geographical areas not known to be part of any kingdom, such as the Evil Forest and the Bad Lands. It was alleged that Finn was the only human known to live there…

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You are required to have a sketchbook for this class. Your sketchbook must NOT be smaller than 8x10 in. If you cannot get a sketchbook we can make one for you in class. Sketchbook #1 Animals in Space Your first sketchbook assignment is to draw an animal in space, yes outer space. The animal is your choice, you may draw it as realistically/cartoony as you would like. Remember space is not solid black nor is it completely empty. Think about all the different things you could include to fill…

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The Tree House is a "guard outpost"[citation needed] on the edge of the Candy Kingdom, as well as the home of Finn, Jake, Shelby, BMO, and Neptr, and where they can usually be found when they aren't adventuring. It was formerly owned by Marceline, as revealed in "Evicted!" The fort includes a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a pond, a well, a bathroom, a chicken coop, a treasure room, an attic, a storage cave/garage (shown in "What is Life?"), a secret place (shown in "Dad's Dungeon") and…