Laundry bathroom combo layout

Discover innovative layout ideas for combining your laundry and bathroom into a functional and stylish space. Make the most of your square footage with these smart and efficient designs.
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We are working on floor plans for a new build (a small house around 1100 sq ft). We are considering combining the laundry and bathroom into one room. This would be the main bath for 4 people (plus a powder room). My parents have a similar set up and it seems to work well. I am curious to see if any ...

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I was almost finished writing my post about the painted shiplap in the laundry and mudroom when I realized I’ve never actually shared my plans for the laundry room. So let’s back up and dive into that before forging ahead with the makeover. As a reminder, here is the floorplan for the laundry room … About two...

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