Less is more

Discover the beauty of minimalism in home decor. Explore ideas to create a clean, clutter-free space that brings a sense of calm and simplicity to your living environment.

Minimalism can teach you to make decisions, to let go and to regain clarity in different areas of life. Minimalism also teaches you that less is more and clutter cost clarity. Here you can also find helpful questions to let go just-in-case-items.

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Happy New Year! How was everyone's New Years Eve? I hope you had a blast ringing in the new year. I'm going to be honest, I've never been a big fan of New Years Eve and I'm perfectly OK with just having a nice dinner out with friends (which we did!) and then playing games and having drinks back at someone's house. Billy and I did make a little promise to ourselves that next year we would save a few of our vacation days to spend New Years Eve on a trip somewhere...anywhere...warm. Where that…

Megan Jacob