Logical thinking vs emotional thinking

Learn how to strike the perfect balance between logical thinking and emotional thinking. Explore top strategies to make informed decisions while staying connected to your emotions.
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Emotional Quotient Vs. Intelligence Quotient Intelligence quotient measures your technical skills and cognitive abilities, such as logical thinking, analytical reasoning, memorizing information, solving problems, verbal abilities, creative thinking, and other abilities. Emotional quotient, on the other hand, determines your ability to understand and manage your and other people’s emotions in your work and personal life. Emotional intelligence includes stress management, intuition, emotional…

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Logic vs emotion is an old debate. It is what you think vs what you feel. Logic and emotion are our everyday challenges in decision making. It creates tensions within us. And we make choices based on our logic or emotion. We make countless decisions every day. Such as; whether to sit on the sofa or chair. Even decisions like asking someone to marry, or Accepting a job offer. These choices may seem small, but they are making our destinies. Logic VS Emotion Each time you make a choice, your…