Magnetic levitation

Discover the incredible technology of magnetic levitation and its exciting applications. Find out how this phenomenon is revolutionizing industries and creating new possibilities for transportation and innovation.
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A Quick Guide to Different Types of Magnetism | Apex Magnets Blog

We use the word “magnetism” quite a bit. In general, magnetism is thought of as the simple attraction of two metals. However, magnetism is much more nuanced than this. Magnetism is classified in several different ways. It all comes down to the atoms that make up each element or compound. Furthermore, it depends on the charge of those atoms’ electrons and how they react (if at all) to magnetic fields. Physicist Michael Faraday determined that all objects are either diamagnetic (and repel…

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Magnetic Levitating Pencil

Magnetic Levitating Pencil: Magnetic levitation or MAGLEV is a method by which an object is suspended in air with the support of magnetic field.The two primary issues involved in magnetic levitation are lifting forces: providing an upward force sufficient to counteract gravity…

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