Making plaster molds

Discover the art of making plaster molds and unleash your creativity. Learn how to create stunning sculptures with step-by-step instructions and expert tips.
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The plaster of Paris recipe is easy to follow, and the plaster can be poured into molds of nearly any shape to create lasting sculptures. There are also different ways to make homemade plaster of Paris using materials found in the home, making this an easy and inexpensive project.

Christine Gautreau
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Update: Come check out the experimentation that led to my current recipe! At last, the casting post (that isn't Hot Glue) is upon us! As you probably guessed from my Making a 100% Silicone Caulk Mold and the follow-up post, I've been happily dabbling in the world of 'making art desks messy' for a few |

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Slipcasting is a fantastic process. It can be a convenient way to produce complex pieces faster and more consistently than would be possible with any other making process. However, the amount of effort and knowledge needed to get to the point where it’s quick and convenient is huge. It’s simultaneou

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