Math foldables

Enhance your math lessons with these creative foldable ideas. Engage students with hands-on activities that make learning fun and memorable.

Foldables I absolutely LOVE creating and using foldables in my classroom! If you’ve never used a foldable in your classroom, then you definitely want to read about my foldables below and how I implement them in my classroom! You will LOVE my foldables. My foldables are very unique, engaging, and fun! I offer two ty

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Saw this on Pinterest and then realized I follow this blog. (true stalker here!) Live Teach Create We are doing Enrichment Camps for targeted sub pops and we are making these for review. Next year, everyone is making these. Besides being colorful and cool, it is a wealth of knowledge!!! I use interactive notebooks DAILY and this will be a great resource for my kids.

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Students can get the different order of operation mixed up.  This organizer will be a helpful reminder if they get discouraged during classwork when combining all four operations in challenging problems.  3.OAT.9.  9. Identify arithmetic patterns (including patterns in the addition table or multiplication table), and explain them   using properties of operations.

I teach 4 different math classes a day. It seems as though I am always reviewing key words that *usually* match with certain operations. While introducing variable expressions to my sixth graders, …

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