Mean girls party

Throw a fetch Mean Girls party with these fun and fabulous ideas. From quotes to costumes, discover everything you need to make your party a grool success.
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I know that I'm not the only one who has thought about having a Mean Girls themed party, am I right? With these easy tips I can help you throw a party that is so fabulous even Regina George would attend! First things first, one of the most important parts of a party is FOOD. Naturally I wanted all the food to be Mean Girls themed. I didn't realize how much they referenced food in the movie but they do. I made mini signs for each dish and added a quote from the movie. Amazon sells mini easels…

Summer Lawson
How to make a Mean Girls inspired Burn Book cake from the movie. I got an easy guide to make this awesome Devil's Food cake wrapped in fondant to make the perfect Mean Girls Party Cake Desserts, Cake Decorating Tutorials, Cake, Fondant, Novelty Cakes, Book Cake, Book Cakes, Party Cakes, Different Cakes

Put it in the book sweetie! Oh man I freaking love Mean Girls! And I could not resist caking the Burn Book. I actually had a totally different cake in mind this week but on Friday night I saw a list on Pinterest, Top 10 Mean Girls Quotes and I immediately changed my mind. I couldn’t stop myself!