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Discover the enchanting beauty of Michoacan, Mexico. From vibrant traditions to breathtaking landscapes, immerse yourself in the rich culture and natural wonders of this captivating region.
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Find the best things to do in Morelia, know exactly what you should visit and where you should go in this beautiful city! Road To The Unknown Travel & More 17 May 2024 10 Things to Do in Morelia, the Heart of Michoacán! Welcome to Morelia, a hidden gem in the heart of Michoacán, Mexico. It is a charming colonial city built in the 16th century that perfectly combines the Spanish Renaissance ideas and Mesoamerican experience. It has a rich history, so let’s take you through all of that and a…

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History Early HistoryNumerous indigenous groups have inhabited the Michoacán area during the past 6,000 years. These groups predominantly settled in the basin of the Chapala and Cuitzeo rivers and include the Nahuas, Otomies and Matlazincas. The most dominant group in the region was the Purhépechans (also known as the Tarascans). However, because the tribe lacked […]

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