Michelin man

Explore the fascinating history and evolution of the iconic Michelin Man. Learn about the origins, significance, and impact of this beloved mascot that has become a global symbol of quality and safety in the automotive industry.
When mindless eating turns us into the roly-poly Michelin Tire Man. Weighing in. Weight gain. Need to lose weight.   Randomocity: February 2015 Auvergne, Old Apple Logo, License Plate Decor, Mindless Eating, Car Tyres, Tired Man, Michelin Man, Healthy Book, Good Morning Coffee Images

Chuck has treated me like a queen since I have arrived in Illinois, doting on me, bringing home flowers, helping out with chores around the house, and spending his free time with me. Even queens are susceptible to cabin fever in the winter, or should that be "castle fever?" Not having a car while my husband is earning money for our little kingdom, I have taken off on foot, getting to know our village a little better. The king of the castle is not above helping with chores. We knew I would…

Denise Bennorth