Mirror glaze icing

Learn how to create a stunning mirror glaze icing for your desserts. Elevate your cakes and pastries with these delicious recipes and impress your guests with a glossy finish.
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Recipe video above. Deceptively straight forward, it mainly takes patience! The 3 key things for a flawless, reflective mirror glaze are:1. Smooth frosting and level cake - because bumps and dents show up on shiny glazes. See my tutorial for How to Make Frosting Smooth on Cakes; 2. Ensure the glaze is completely smooth (just follow my recipe); and3. Ensure the glaze is at 30°C/86° so it spreads smoothly for a thin, flawless finish. Proper Mirror Glazes are no thicker than 3mm and are not…

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This Mirror Cake Glaze gives the wow factor to any cake, a perfectly flawless mirror reflection. Made from only a handful of ingredients and no special equipment, if you've ever wanted to make a dessert to impress this is it! Mirror Cake Recipe Ingredients 1½ Cups / 300g Granulated Sugar Sugar sweetens the glaze while

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This easy, 5 ingredient recipe makes the mirror glaze technique way more approachable!! It comes together quickly, and sets just like a classic mirror glaze

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Indulge in the most exquisite of all cake glazes, which is the mouthwatering chocolate mirror glaze recipe with condensed milk. It is a shiny coating made with chocolate, condensed milk, gelatin, and cocoa powder. I guarantee you will not regret making it, especially once you pour it over frozen desserts. Also, you will indeed be satisfied with how it sets up an incredibly shiny reflective glaze to the extent that you can check your reflection on the surface. In addition to that, mirror…