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Round and Round by Amy LV Students - this poem idea came from three places: the $2 bills my children sometimes receive in holiday cards, the woven valentines I made yesterday from old Chinese paper money, and my constant wondering where every dollar and penny have traveled. For the most part, this is a wonder poem. Where has all of the money traveled? Will I ever touch the same dollar again? This, like "Thank You to Sun" and "One Yawn," is a cycle poem. Think about a cycle you understand…

Mani Guerrero
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When I had money, money, O! I knew no joy till I went poor; For many a false man as a friend Came knocking all day at my door. Then felt I like a child that holds A trumpet that he must not blow Because a man is dead; I dared Not speak to let this false world know. Much have I thought of life, and seen How poor men's hearts are ever light; And how their wives do hum like bees About their work from morn till night.

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