Monstera deliciosa

Enhance your indoor garden with stunning Monstera Deliciosa plants. Explore top ideas to incorporate this iconic plant into your home decor and create a tropical oasis.
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102 SHARES Share on Facebook Tweet Pin We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post When it comes to indoor plants, the Monstera Deliciosa is a popular choice due to its lush, verdant appeal and iconic fenestrated leaves. But achieving a perfectly healthy Monstera can be a complex dance of light, […]

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Monsteras are known for their beautiful, striking foliage. If you notice that your monstera leaves are suddenly curling, it can be alarming, especially when you are not sure what could be causing the leaves to

Training Monstera Deliciosa: How to Make Them Climb - The Healthy Houseplant Plants, Trellis, Friends, Nature, Planting Flowers, Monstera Deliciosa, Plant Life, Plant Needs, Growing Plants

What is the best way to make Monstera deliciosa climb? By providing a support structure such as a moss pole, coco coir pole, or trellis, you can encourage your Monstera deliciosa to grow upright. This trains it to follow its natural inclination for climbing and may lead to a healthier plant with larger leaves.

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