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Design a stimulating Montessori nursery for your child with these top ideas. Explore ways to foster independence, curiosity, and a love for learning in a nurturing environment.
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The Montessori-inspired Baby Registry I wish I had. I spent A LOT of time researching the best items before welcoming Yitzchak and yet I still made A LOT of mistakes. This list is especially good for you if you are interested in practicing Montessori at home as I have some less standard items (see

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When designing an environment for the infant, it is designed to help facilitate self-care, and encourage the child to be independent at an early age. Everything in the environment should have a purpose, with the goal to provide opportunities to achieve development and follow the urge of human tenden

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Last week I published Montessori At Home - Birth to Six Months which included activities to try at home. Today I'm following up with some examples of Montessori style movement areas for children from birth to six months. All of these areas are Montessori style or Montessori-inspired. Most of these are designed by parents not teachers, all of them are in real homes with real budgets and real constraints. There may be some aspects that are not perfectly Montessori, but that is what makes these…

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Did all those gorgeous Instagram pics of Montessori spaces win you over? Or maybe it was the respectful, child-focused philosophy. Either way, read more to find out how to create the perfect Montessori space for your little one!

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If you’re expecting a baby and have looked into alternative nursery ideas, you’ve probably stumbled across the Montessori concept for baby rooms. The Montessori Method involves a theory and practice that is applied to child-rearing techniques, activities, and education…and there is also an entire set of guiding principles for the Montessori nursery. Parents who favor the Montessori Method are familiar with the pillars, which include simplicity of form to allow for creativity; freedom to…

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