Moon phases activities

Explore fun and educational moon phases activities to help kids and students understand the lunar cycle. Spark their curiosity and enhance their learning with hands-on projects and interactive games.
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Moon Phases Layered Wheel {FREE PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD!}

Moon Phases Layered Wheel {FREE PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD!} Learn about the phases of the moon with this layered wheel printable pack. This FREE printable moon phase download is fun for kids and even adults! Continue reading

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Orbits of the Earth and Moon Project — liza dora books

Moon Phases can be tough to visualize in the context of the orbits that cause them. Using a visual aide will ensure your child understand the spatial relationships of both the Earth and the Moon as they relate to the Sun.

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All of the Moon Phases in Less Than a Week

I absolutely love teaching moon phases and after 14 years, I feel like I've almost perfected the art of teaching this concept. I've created a lot of new things, come up with tips and tricks that will stick with my students, and created some pretty awesome hands-on activities for my students to be able to interact and experience the lunar cycle. And because I only use activities that give me 'a lot of bang for my buck,' I'm able to shorten the amount of time I need to teach the concept and…

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OREO Moon Activity!

Pin We’ve had a fun week learning about the Solar System! What better way to learn about the different phases of the Moon than by doing an activity that involves OREO cookies! My daughter absolutely loved this activity! I’ve included the free printables below! This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click […]

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