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Of all the ways to heat your tiny house, a woodstove is perhaps the most nostalgic and off grid way to do so. I’ve already discussed the pros and cons of using a woodstove as a heat source, the purpose of this page is to educate those interested in utilizing one of the various current options […]

Brenda Howard
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The Morsø 7110, like all Morsø cast iron stoves, has a very large glass panel without any interfering bars and a superior airwash system to keep the glass clean for an unobstructed view of the fire. Designed with Scandinavian simplicity, the Morsø 7110 sharp edges and straight lines are combined with classical American elements such as the horizontal design and distinct profiles in the top…

Maitri Homestead: Morso 1410 Wood Stove Install & First Impressions Wood Stove, Wood Heater, Wood Heaters, Stove, Wood Stoves, Stoves, Cabin Fireplace, Fireplace, Homesteading

We finally get to put our electric space heaters away, because we just finished installing our wood stove. I'll go over the install and give our first impressions on the stove. I considered purchasing the Jotul F 602 CB for about the same price, but we went with the Morso 1410. Both stoves are EPA certified, which I think is really important because it is going to be very efficient at converting the energy in the wood into heat. Since I'm going through all the effort of cutting the wood I…

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