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Enhance the beauty of your home with stunning mosaic stained glass designs. Discover unique ideas to add a touch of elegance and color to any room.
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The art of Mosaic was believed to be first used in the Mesopotamian area around the 3rd-century BC. It made its way across ancient civilizations and over thousands of years. But what exactly is Mosaic? Is it a type of art that a beginner can do? Can any material be made into a Mosaic? We've […]

Dana Allman
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Are you looking for a gift for someone special? Stained glass windows look spectacular in a sunny window. This listing is for the 11 by 17 inch ready made sunset framed in black. Hand cut stained glass of different types, textures, and colors weave the rich colors of a sunset/sunrise. Colorful grout makes the glass colors pop! Your glass panel comes framed with eye hooks for hanging on your chain. The other photos show possible sizes and designs available through a custom order. Questions?…

Sue Burrow
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This post is by special request. How to make stained glass mosaic windows. I first saw the technique on HGTV about eight years ago. Since then, I've made a total of 48 windows -- this one is my latest. I finished it in about three days. Here's how. I start by picking out a vintage window. And yes. I've collected a lot of windows from salvage companies and resale shops. This is the stash in my garage. I'm always on the look out for interesting one pane windows -- all sizes. I like a shabby…

Those Crafty Sisters
How to Make A Mosaic Waterproof? - Gardening, Tile Crafts, Mosaic Tile Supplies, Diy Mosaic Tiles, Mosaic Supplies, Mosaic Stained, Sealant, Diy Mosaic Projects, Glass Mosaic Diy

Are you working on a mosaic project? Maybe you are wondering how you make it waterproof. We've researched the techniques and materials you can use to waterproof mosaics. By using the proper sealant, you can make any mosaic piece waterproof. Typical grout sealants used for mosaic pieces include penetrating, membrane-forming, and concrete types. Apply several […]

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Adding a mosaic to your outdoor space can make a bland garden, patio, or pool into something extraordinary. Whether it's a piece of art you craft yourself or something you've purchased, the beautiful colors and patterns that go into mosaics are absolutely timeless! But how should you properly adhere to the pieces or the tiles? […]

Jackie Dunham