Motivational interviewing

Learn powerful techniques for motivational interviewing to inspire positive change. Discover how to engage clients and enhance motivation for achieving personal goals.
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Teach students the stages of change with this handout and worksheet combo! I've included motivational interviewing questions and a worksheet for a student who is thinking about making behavioral change.

Angela Fair
Motivational interviewing 101: How to help patients embrace (and stick to) new habits Reflective Listening, Motivational Interviewing, Open Ended Questions, Interview Skills, Daily Practices, Care Plans, Quit Smoking, Confidence Building, Intervention

Advisory Board's Virginia Reid and Taylor Hurst share insights and resources on motivational interviewing, a practice designed to help providers better understand patients—and help their patients embrace (and stick to) their care plans.

Loraine Idionyi
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Motivation fuels change. Encourage behavioral change with motivational interviewing techniques to help resolve ambivalence and find motivation for change.

Veronica McCauley