Muhabbet kusu kafesi

Muhabbet kuşu kafesi için harika fikirler keşfedin. Kuşunuzun konforu ve mutluluğu için en iyi kafesi seçin ve ona rahat bir yaşam alanı sunun.
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The certificate of the varnish I use in my cages is “EN 71/3 (Safety Of Toys / Migration of Some Elements)” I can send to anyone who wants. Handmade wooden bird cage canary cages parakeet * IT IS ALL HAND CRAFTED. * IT IS SLIDING-BASED AND IT IS EXTREMELY EASY TO CLEAN. * POLISHED. (WATER-BASED POLISH) * FEED WITH DRAWER AND CAN BE FILLED OUTSIDE. * İRON WİRE. * USED IN FİNCH, CANARY AND SMALL SPECIES. * HANGER BRACKET AVAILABLE. Height: 40 cm (15.74 inch) Length: 43 cm (16.92 inch) Width…